Not going to bore anyone with the details of the “week from H***”….


let’s post positive stuff and you can make fun of me for looking at site statistics…..

On Reverb Nation today we are ranked #141 in the nation and #148 in the world out of all Americana bands on their site. We’re also ranked #5951 over all genres in the world out of the approximately 3 million bands on their site.

On the #1 Music listener charts Threadbare is #47 in the world on the Country charts and #37 in the world on the Folk Charts….

We could really use your help with the cost of traveling to New Orleans to play in front of representatives from Record Companies, Booking Agencies, Music producers and Promoters. Please visit Captain Ledge dot com and purchase a t-shirt, cd or digital download. Time is getting short and we really need your help!

If you can’t afford to spend anything would you please share this status. Maybe someone you know will like our music and want to help!

We hope you get to spend the weekend with the ones you love!